Look and feel beautiful thanks to Lash Perfect - the best of the best in lash extensions in Botany, Premium silk mink, individual, and semi-permanent lash extensions.


We make you look and feel beautiful! Thanks to our eyelash extension and expert beauticians who provide them, now you can enjoy low-maintenance beauty routine.
You are bound to fall in love with your new lashes and be amazed by how great you look after a visit to Lash Blossom. Lash Blossom is a premier eyelash extension boutique in Botany, specializing in semi-permanent lash extensions and eyebrow design services. Now you can say goodbye to mascara - let us pamper your lashes!



At Lashblossom we are using the best products on the market as well as having the highly skilled and trained lash stylist over 10 years experience. Our mission statement is to provide the true quality services & stylish design to become the leader in eyelash fashion in Australia. We promise you a smile when you walk out of Lashblossom.


Open your horizons and frame your views with new lashes - thanks to Lash perfect, the finest experts in eyelash extensions in Botany, you can get premium silk mink, individual, or semi-permanent lash extensions!

For almost 5 years, we have been pampering up our clients with high-quality eyelash extensions and flawless lash lift services! How we do it? Be using only first-class products available on the market so that we can give you an out-of-this-world, yet completely natural look.

If you are looking for the best lash extensions in Botany, bear in mind that you can find us in the heart of Sydney - 428 George Street, Level 8, Dymocks Building. We are at your disposal for when you are looking to make your eyes pop! We are a team of beauty experts who have years of experience and practice providing lash extensions in Botany. We promise the best results at an affordable price.

At Lash Blossom, we aim to provide our clients with the best eyelash service in Botany and beyond by offering eyebrow design services in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. The staff at Lash Blossom have many years of experience and are here to offer exceptional service catered to each individual.

Our Lash Technicians are more than happy to hold a consultation prior to the appointment to determine a design that would best suit your eyes, regardless of whether you are looking to treat yourself to a gorgeous set of lashes for a special event or simply to forgo the daily hassle of makeup.

Our technicians are highly capable of creating a variety of looks using lash extensions of the appropriate length and curl your natural lashes and will customize the shape to your liking. And that’s precisely what sets us apart from everyone else - we don’t aim to make clones! We know that each person who comes our way needs to get a customised look designed for their beautiful face!

We are here to ensure that you have the best possible experience here at Lash Blossom and that you leave with a smile on your face and a set of the most luxurious lash extensions in Botany.


Got your first set of lash extensions from another salon? We can remove them and provide infill that will give a better and fuller look you wanted from the very start! For a lasting effect, we advise all our clients to arrive at our salon in Botany for infill maintenance every 2 to 3 weeks. This way we guarantee that you will have a full set of natural-looking lash extensions at all times! Feel beautiful and look beautiful every day, not just on the most special occasions - you deserve it! Text: Start typing here...



Lash Blossom team is at your service to enhance your already beautiful face! We will give you a seductive set of lashes to make your eyes pop and sweep everyone off their feet. Eyelash extensions in Botany are extremely popular service for special occasions, like birthdays, wedding parties, graduations, or any other significant event you wish to celebrate! 

To ensure we create the best look for you, we designed different eyelash extension packages: our Full Blossom service will give you the mascara volume without having to actually put any; our Glamorous Blossom creates an elegant, yet dramatic look; Russian Volume Blossom gives you weightless fullness; Little Blossom is for those who want a subtle change; and Under Blossom is for those who want to enhance only their lower lashes. 

If you are not sure which package will provide you with the best results - feel free to contact Lash Blossom beauticians and ask for our advice. We provide the best lash extensions in Botany and will be able to give you the look you’ve been dreaming about! 



Blossom Brows Microblading is a revolutionary new brow shaping technique, commonly known as an eyebrow tattoo, that implants pigment under the skin using specially designed handheld tools. Providing individuals with permanently flawless brows that are ready to go the moment they wake up in the morning, microblading is a convenient and quick process that provides flawless brows for 10-18 months with no maintenance or upkeep.



We have built up a reputation of providing only the best lash product and lash extensions today, utilising our skilled technicians and their experience to approach each and every face with a bespoke commitment.



We are everyone’s go-to salon for when they wish to get eyelash extensions in Botany. What contributed to our fast-growing popularity across Sydney was the fact that we employ only the best beauticians and lash stylists in town who have more than 10 years of experience and use only the best products on the market. Our mission statement is to provide true quality services & stylish design to become the leader in eyelash fashion in Australia. We promise you a smile when you walk out of Lash Blossom. Take the time to read and listen to what our regular client have to say about our services!

Had my first lash lift ever done here and absolutely loving it. I usually need an arsenal of lash curler and heavy duty waterproof mascara to achieve a curl (which usually drops within a few hours anyways). Now it's super effortless and my lashes look so much longer than before. 
The ladies here were absolutely lovely and took care of me from beginning to end, will definitely be back!.


I had my very first eyelash extensions applied by Angela. I was incredibly nervous as it was my first time getting them done. Angela was so lovely throughout the process, she took time to explain thoroughly the entire process and list of options. Considering how nervous I was when I first arrived, Angela had me completely relaxed within 5 minutes! The ultimate professional with impeccable customer service skills. Very much looking forward to my next visit. Anyone needing eyelash extensions should only visit Lash Blossom.